Personalized Care, Perfect For You and Your Family!

Whether you have a brilliant smile, minor dental issues or significant problems that require constant monitoring, getting access to the very best dental care should not be restricted by your dental insurance plan.

So we’ve created the MyCare Dental Plan, a wellness plan for your smile. With MyCare, you get a personalized dental treatment program that’s tailored just for you and your dental needs. No limitations, no paperwork…only the very best dental care delivered exactly when you need it.

With selectable care plans for adults, children, families and those requiring more attention to their dental needs, you can be sure of a personalized schedule of care perfect for you.

MyCare is personal

MyCare is a dental wellness plan with a personalized schedule of care designed just for you. MyCare can help you avoid more expensive and invasive procedures through prevention or early detection.

If your smile needs extra attention or if you don’t currently have dental insurance, MyCare is perfect for you.

MyCare is complete

The MyCare plan features premium preventive care that includes regular cleanings and wellness visits as well as preferred pricing on additional services.

The program is complete, affordable and open to everyone.

MyCare is simple

Choosing a dental insurance plan is complicated. With limitations, deductibles, co-pays, waiting periods, PPOs and HMOs, it’s difficult to know what you’re getting for your premium payments.

MyCare gives you personalized dental care with no co-payments, no annual maximum, and no lifetime limit. It’s simple and flexible.